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Tropospheric bromine monoxide (BrO)


Instrument selection

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Composite 3-Day Maps

Composite 3-day maps maps are proposed in three projections : Northern hemisphere (NH), Southern hemisphere (SH) and global projection (GL). See the examples below :

Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
Global projection
GOMENorthern hemisphere projectionSouthern hemisphere projectionGlobal projection
SCIAMACHYNorthern hemisphere projectionSouthern hemisphere projectionGlobal projection

Select the maps you want to display in the form on the left. The complete collection is also available in a higher resolution through the following links :

Note that a password is requested to reach these pages. Please, contact Caroline FAYT to have it.

Last GOME processing: Reprocessing of the whole GOME data set in November 2003. See the GOME BrO retrieval page for further information.
Last SCIAMACHY processing: Near-real time processing since January 2007.

Last updated : Tue 01 August 2017
Data product contacts : Isabelle De Smedt , Nicolas Theys , Michel Van Roozendael